This is my webpage for Computer Science 1 / GITA 1.
I'm learning C#- C"Sharp" this year. It is a coding
language to develop Window's Apps. As the school year goes on, I hope
I can develop my coding skills so that I can further enjoy creating
my own programs, games, and just have fun! 💗
Visual Studio is what I use to code for my projects! Download here

Semester 1 Semester 2

NCAA College Bowl

Date: 1/18/18

The first program to use menu strips, displays information about 2 football teams such as their schedules, wins and losses in the past years. Uses combo box, group box, and radio buttons.

Fish 2D

Date: 2/01/18

Advanced version of Fish!! program. Using arrays to create two characters, whale and shrimp. When whale lands on the same spot as shrimp, shrimp dies. Uses timer to control speed of automove button.

Tic Tac Toe

Date: 02/06/18

This program displays a normal tic tac toe game with alternating picture boxes O's and X's to make a two player game.


Date: 02/28/18

Uses arrays to place stars randomly on the form and uses if statements to create an effect of traveling in space

Basic AI

Date: 03/01/18

Two characters, one chasing the other, the prey uses a bullet to attack the other character (which follows it) and uses if statements to set boundaries for the bullet and the characters.

Final Project Proposal

Date: Assigned 03/13/18

These slides explain what the game is about such as what characters, how many players, which keys, the goal of the game, etc.

Stitch's Burgers

Date: Assigned 04/23/18

This is my final GITA project. The player (Stitch)'s goal is to make a burger by catching falling ingredients and avoiding the bad items.