This is my webpage for Computer Science 1 / GITA 1.
I'm learning C#- C"Sharp" this year. It is a coding
language to develop Window's Apps. As the school year goes on, I hope
I can develop my coding skills so that I can further enjoy creating
my own programs, games, and just have fun! 💗
Visual Studio is what I use to code for my projects! Download here

Semester 1 Semester 2

Goodbye World

Date: 9/13/17

My first program: This program translates "Goodbye" into 4 different languages.

Help Page

Date: 9/23/17

This is my company help page including my logo and other information.

Mailing Label

Date: 9/26/17

This program lets you input your information and outputs it in a mailing label.

Car Rental

Date: 9/28/17

This program declares variables for data storing, calculates the answers, and outputs the information in labels. It is designed to output the customer information and manager statistics.


Date: 10/04/17

This program takes the weight and height from the user's information and calculates it into the user's BMI.

Car Rental 2

Date: 10/10/17

This more advanced version of the original Car Rental allows you to choose between three cars and also add on more features.

Test Score

Date: 10/16/17

This program outputs the average test score and highest score from the user's inputed grades. We compare calcuations and display the greater one.

Dice Game

Date: 10/19/17

This program calculates the probability of two dice being rolled. We used if and else if statements and generate random numbers.

Craps Game

Date: 10/25/17

This program is a direct representation of a real game of Craps. It adds onto the dice program by including the order of the variables and uses if statements.

Slot Machine

Date: 11/03/17

This program lets the user deposit money to play and bet money until all three pictures match. This program further introduced if and else if statements.

TShirt Program

Date: 12/14/17

This project calculates and displays the amount due for an order and displays a summary of all orders. and uses if statements.


Date: 12/21/17

This program makes the fish move either left or right randomly and keeps track of how many times he moves and how many times he bumps left or right. Whale can also either move automatically or one picture box at a time, and the user can control how fast Whale moves. using if statements.